Nursing History Bucks is designed to help members save money and to grow our organization. You may earn Nursing History Bucks by encouraging your friends and colleagues to join AAHN and mention your name as sponsor on the application when they enroll.

For each new member who names you as sponsor, you will receive a $10 Nursing History Bucks* certificate. Nursing History Bucks may be used to renew your membership, make a contribution to the AAHN, or as a discount on AAHN products in the AAHN store. You can use your History of Nursing Bucks for any AAHN product or service. Save them up for a bigger discount, or give them away to a friend. Remember, you will need to turn in your certificates to receive your discount.

You can choose to save your Nursing Bucks for a bigger discount, or you may give them away to a friend. There is no limit, no expiration and no reason not to participate. 

Using the Nursing Bucks
To use your History of Nursing Bucks, please complete your renewal form, subtract the amount of your Bucks from the total fee, and enclose the certificates with your payment. If you renew online at the AAHN website, you may indicate that you will be submitting your Bucks. We will show a balance due on your record until we receive them in the mail. If we do not receive them in a timely manner, we will then charge your card the balance owed.

If you have any questions about the Nursing History Bucks program, please contact the office at [email protected] or (303) 422-2685.

*Not redeemable for cash.