SEPTEMBER 22 - 24, 1990


Paper Presentations

They came by ox-cart: Nurses on the Alberta Frontier. Janet Ross Kerr, RN, PhD; University of Alberta, & Pauline Paul, RN, MS; University of Alberta.

A study of the people, factors and events surrounding the founding of Montreal General Hospital School of Nursing 1874-90. Zona Chalifoux, RN, MSN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Aspirations unattained: the Illinois Training School / University of Chicago story. Ellen D. Baer, RN, PhD, FAAN; University of Pennsylvania.

For the sake of the babies: The Maternal and Infancy Act, 1921-29. Barbara Brodie, PhD, RN; University of Virginia.

The Maternity Center Association: Promoting child welfare in the Depression years. Pegge L. Bell; Doctoral Student; University of Virginia.

The effect of nurses' values on the care of patients with venereal diseases during the Progressive Era. Debra Louise Topham, PhD, RN; University of Wisconsin.

Nightingale's lifelong friend and mentor, Mary Clarke Mohl. Lois A. Monteiro,PhD, RN; Brown University.

My dearest friend: analysis of correspondence of Florence Nightingale and Mary Jones, Superintendent of St. John's House, London. JoAnn G. Widerquist, RN, MA; Saint Mary's College.

On the other side of the battle: Russian nurses in the Crimean War. Evelyn R. Benson, RN, MPH; LaSalle University.

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Development of Public Health Nursing. Vern L. Bullough & Bonnie Bullough, SUNY College Buffalo.

Effie Taylor: An international nursing leader. Maureen Newman, RN,MSN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

We need more nurses: The nursing shortage and the intensive care unit of the 1950's. Julie Fairman, University of Pennsylvania.

American birth control activist Margaret Sanger and General MacArthur: Controversy over Sanger's proposed visit to Japan in 1949. Malia Sedewick Johnson, EdD; University of Texas at Austin.

Elizabeth McMaster: hospital pioneer and nurse 1875-92. Judith Young, University of Toronto.

Racial segregation in nursing education: The Lamar experience, 1894-1965. Arlene J. Lowenstein, PhD; Medical College of Georgia.

The stories of our mothers: An oral history project. Sara Wuthnow, EdD, RN; Holy Family College.

From isolation to integration: the influence of federal funding on psychiatric nursing. Mary Boyd, MN, RN; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

Conflicting allies: Dorothea Dix, the Medical Bureau and the Sanitary Commission. Jane B. Neese, RN, MS, CS; Doctoral Student, University of Virginia.

The influence and legacy of two nursing editors: An analysis of the writings of Janet Geister and Mary Roberts regarding the problems of private duty nursing. Linda S. Baas; Doctoral Student University of Texas at Austin.

Division and danger: CNA, the Alameda County Nurses' Association, and the Nurses Guild. Judith M. Stanley, California State University.

Nursing and progressive reform: Creating an agenda for nursing at the Rockefeller Foundation, 1913-23. Sara E. Abrams, RN, MSN; Doctoral Student, University of California, San Francisco.

Evolution of the American Nurses' Association position on health insurance for the aged, 1933-65. Cynthia Q.Woods, RN, PhD; University of Kansas Medical Center.

Philanthropists and professionals: The case of nursing and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Joan E. Lynaugh, University of Pennsylvania.


Poster Presentations


The rise and decline of nurses' roles: A study of the Illinois Zone Center from 1969-89. Karen J. Egenes, RN, EdD; Loyola University of Chicago.

Critical analysis of research utilization: An historical perspective. Marita G. Titler, RN, MA; Doctoral Student, University of Iowa.

The Grace Hospital Training School for Nurses and the contributions of its first principal Mary Eugenie Hibbard. Phyllis Foster Healy, MS, RN; University of Southern Maine & Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at Austin.

Edith Cavell: images of a popular heroine. Ruth G Manchester, Silver Spring,MD.

Jennie Quinn Cameron: First lady of Mississippi nursing. Jeanette Waits, RN, MN; University of Mississippi.

Mary Christy: nurse in World War I. Susan Dudas, RN, MSN; Mary Therese Whalen, MALS; University of Illinois.