This is a listing of some centers and archives available for study of the history of nursing. It is not a comprehensive list; historical research involves considerable searching for source material. There are presently two searchable databases for archival holdings in the United States but inclusion in the database is voluntary and entry may lag behind submission. This list includes regional centers which serve as nursing repositories, and some specialty nursing organizations with archives as well as institutions with significant holdings in nursing. Additions and corrections to this list are encouraged; please contact [email protected].


For information on using archives and primary sources see: Using Archives.


For those seeking to preserve their history, here are two sources of information:

The Society of American Archivists has published a Guide to Donating Personal Papers to a Repository

In conjunction with Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in New York State Records Survey The NYSNA Foundation has prepared Caring for Archival Records: Preserving Nursing's Historic Treasures, advice and resources for nurses and others with historical records under their care. What to save and Where to Save it are addressed. This page offers the basics on caring for archival records for individuals and organizations without a trained archivist on staff. 
Caring for Archival Records.