AAHN Respect Statement

The American Association for the History of Nursing connects people and scholars from various backgrounds. AAHN is committed to fostering a diverse, welcoming, and engaged membership. Within its membership and scholarship, AAHN welcomes diversity in gender identity and expression,
race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental and physical abilities, socioeconomic status, education, profession, age, nationality, and spiritual and political beliefs. Within this inclusive, respectful, and collaborative environment, AAHN aspires to achieve excellence in research and expand the history of nursing by the inclusion of multiple perspectives. AAHN is committed to addressing issues related to bias, stereotyping, prejudicial attitudes, and exclusionary practices in order to create a welcoming environment for all. AAHN recognizes that this is ongoing and ever-evolving work that requires continued investment, attention, and vigilance throughout the organization. AAHN is committed to ensuring that inclusion and diversity becomes and remains integrated into our organizational identity. We all share responsibility for equity and diversity - it is everybody’s everyday work.