If you live in Canada, we’d like your permission to keep in touch by email. A new law from Canada requires our organization to get your permission before emailing you. If you’re OK with that, sign into the site and provide your consent by clicking on the button below. If you’d like more details before making your decision, read the fine print below in the FAQs.


What is CASL?

The Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) is a new anti-spam law that requires an organization to obtain consent before contacting an individual in Canada by email or text.  It applies to any company or organization that sends electronic messages (i.e., email, texts) in connection with a “commercial activity” to any computer, smartphone or tablet in Canada.  Its key feature requires Canadian and global organizations that send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) within, from or to Canada to receive consent from recipients before sending messages.

How will CASL affect me?

If you live in Canada or have a Canadian email or mailing address, your communications may be impacted. For some things, your membership in our organization gives us implied consent to email you for a limited time. If you reside in Canada and do not provide express consent, we cannot contact you by email after your membership lapses. The surest way to guarantee uninterrupted communications about our association’s benefits and services is to grant express consent. You can remove your consent at any time.  

What about residents of other countries?

We recommend you provide consent to be contacted even if you don’t live in Canada. CASL only requires consent for those who are known to live in Canada; however, other countries are considering similar legislation. Providing your consent is the best way to ensure uninterrupted communications.

How do I change my consent preferences?

You are able to remove your express consent at any time.  If you work or reside in Canada and choose to opt out of CASL express consent, you will no longer receive electronic correspondence from our organization.  You may change your CASL consent at any time by following this link (sign-in required, select Canadian Compliance at the top).

What if I deny consent by selecting “No”?

If you revoke consent by actively select “No” at any time.