OCTOBER 1 - 3, 1993


Paper Presentations


A distinguished nurse among the Amherst Hitchcocks: Jane Elizabeth Hitchcock 1863-1939. Yankee radical or conformist? Joellen W. Hawkins.

Conflict and consensus: Nursing internationalism and the International Council of Nurses. Anne Marie Rafferty, PhD; University of Nottingham & Barbara L. Brush, MSN; University of Pennsylvania.

The development of Black community health nursing in the northeastern United States, 1906-1934. Contributions of Elizabeth Tyler and Edith Carter. Marie O. Mosley.

Mormon nursing: 1890-1920. Elaine Shaw Sorensen; Brigham Young University.

How did they all survive? An analysis of American nurses' experiences in Japanese prisoner-of-war camps. Elizabeth M. Norman, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey.

The singularity of Dutch nursing in the nineteenth century. Nanny Wiegman.

The historical relationship of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing and the Canadian Nurses Association. Sharon L. Richardson, PhD, RN; University of Alberta

A case for quantitative methods in historical study. Cindy Gurney, PhD, RN.

Nursing in German: An historical study of the Jewish presence. Evelyn R. Benson, RN, MPH.

History of the Minnesota Nurses' Association: A study of organizational change. Lynn Dykema Sprayberry, PhD, RN; Montana State University.

Movement toward the professionalization of Chicago public health nursing: 1938-1960. Karen J. Egenes, RN, EdD; Loyola University.

Leonhard Felix Fuld, PhD, LLM: Nineteenth century visionary in a Twentieth century world. Ellen D. Baer.

"In nursing we have our own 'Cold War'" Judith M. Stanley

Earnest thought: The Columbian Exposition, 1893. Diane Hamilton, PhD, RN; University of Rochester.

The American Nurses' Association Economic Security Program: 1946-1965.Victoria Grando

A journey from invisibility: Unsung lady nurses of the south, 1861-1865. Quincealea Brunk

The correspondence between a Finnish nurse and her international colleagues in the early 1920s. Dr. Marianne Tallberg

Historiography of nursing: Four case histories from the Nightingale literature. Carol Helmstadter, Ontario Nurses' Association.

Sister Joseph Croke: Another voice from the Crimean War (1854-1856). Mary Ellen Doona, Boston College.

Lena Angevine Warner: Pioneer southern nurse. Dr. E. Dianna Greenhill, University of Tennessee.

Heroines of the good fight: U.S. volunteer nurses in the Spanish Civil War(1936-1939). Frances Patai.

Nurses on the Island of Hope and Tears: Ellis Island hospitals 1900-1916. Barbara Brodie, PhD, RN; University of Virginia.