SEPTEMBER 22 - 24, 2000


Paper Presentations

In Your Guiding Hand: Consumer, Authority and Nursing in Post-war Britain, Canada and the United States. Margaret Shkimba

A Mother for all Mothers: An American Woman's Contributions to Maternal-child Health in Palestine. Peri Rosenfeld

Innovations and Impediments: Factors Influencing Children's Nursing Practice in the UK 1940-1970. Sue Bradley

The Wind of Change is Blowing. Susan McGann

Founding Friends: Families and Institution Building in Early 19th Century Philadelphia. Patricia D'Antonio

Nuns and Guns: Holy Wars at Georgetown, 1903-1947. Alma Woolley

Biography as a Method of Historical Interpretation Laurie Glass

From Heroic Figure to Historical Footnote: Rediscovering the Life and Meaning Of Louisa Parsons Dean Krimmel

Dora Elizabeth Thompson (1874-1954): Nursing Innovator and Visionary Lois Lagerman and Susan Buchholtz

Conceptual and Methodological Innovations in Nursing History - A Panel Presentation Patricia D'Antonio, Julie Fairman and Mary Ann Cordeau

Blurring the Boundaries Between Medicine and Nursing: CCU Nurses and Cardiac Defibrillation in the 1960s. Arlene W. Keeling

From Maverick to Mainstream: The Emergence of Nurse Practitioner Education at Virginia Commonwealth University. 1974-1991. Rita Seeger Jablonksi

With Woman: A Comparison of Midwifery Philosophy and Practice between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. Lynn Clark Callister and Elaine Sorensen Marshall

Bridge over Troubled Waters: Care of the Dying and the Birth of American Hospice Nursing, 1950-1980. Joy Buck

Caring for life: Nursing during the Holocaust Barbara L. Brush The Nature of Nursing Work in the Vietnam War, 1967-1972- Royal Australian Army Nurse Corps at War Narelle Biedermann

Nursing reorganization in occupied Japan: Implementation of nursing policy, 1945-1951 Reiko Shimazaki Ryder, Kazuko Kikui, Tetsuya Tanioka, Mieko Yamaguchi and Toshiko Yamada

A lukewarm approach to the problem: Professionalism. collaboration, and control in the coordinated home care plans, 1946 Janna Dieckmann


Poster Presentations


The Foundations of "Modern" Nursing in Russia Quincealea Brunk.

"Rendering the Obstinate Docile": Raising Siderails in American Hospitals Elizabeth A. Capezuti, Barbara Brush and Beth Strauss.

"Miss Greenhorn Goes A Nursing": Images of Red Cross Nurses on American Sheet Music During World War I Martha A. Eastman.

Heroic, Romantic and Genteel: The "Red Cross Girls: On the Battlefields of World War II Karen J. Egenes.

Missionary Nurse Dorothy Davis Cook - Mother of Swazi Nurses Susan Elliott.

"Nursing by Default": The Evolution of Floor Nursing, 1900-1965 Kathryn Haugh.

Women and Infants First: The Creation of Nursing Specialists to Care for Women and Newborns Joellen Hawkins and Linda L. Bellig.

The Reward is in the Experience: Public Health Nursing in Hardy County, West Virginia Patricia Krauskopf.

From Despair to Hope: The History of the Care of Children with Leukemia 1940-1980 Susan Kennel.

U.S. Organized Medicine's Perspective of Nursing A Review of JAMA, 1883 -1935 Brigid Lusk, Julia Robertson and Pamela Schinleber.

"Thanking You For Your Cooperation": Lillian D. Wald & Reform Networks 1893-1909. Michele M. Materese.

Forging a New Specialty: The Creation of Cardiac Surgery Nursing 1957-1970. Kathryn Ballenger Reid.