SEPTEMBER 21 - 23, 2001


Paper Presentations

Establishing a Real Tone: Professionalizing Nursing in Nineteenth Century London. Carol Helmstadter

'Other Ways in Which We Can Serve': Mennonite Nurses in World War II Ann Graber Hershberger

Mary Breckinridge's Position on Birth Control Edna E. Johnson

Voices from the Holocaust: Care-Giving Experiences and Ethical Choices of Nurses in Nazi Labor and Death Camps. Cheyenne Martin

The Principles and Concepts of Careful Nursing: Ireland's Hidden Legacy to Nursing.; Therese Connell Meehan

'When Nurses Felt Like Nurses': The Role of Psychiatric Nurses in State Hospitals, 1939-1954. Rebecca Bouterie Harmon

Incubator Shows: The Public Display of Premature Babies, 1896-1940 Elizabeth A. Reedy

The Plight and Perseverance of the Japanese American Student Nurse During WW II Thelma Robinson

Overcome by Change: The Decline of the St. John Ambulance Home Nursing Program, Halifax, Canada, 1950-75 Frances M. Gregor

Science and Ritual: The Hospital as Medical and Sacred Space Barbra Mann Wall

Constructing Centennials Barbara Brodie

Who Cared?': Landmarks in the Care of Crippled Children in Virginia, 1910-1940. Mary E. Gibson

Sweating, Purging and a Passion for Care: The Fever Nurse in the Deep South During the Nineteenth Century. Linda E. Sabin

The Mesabi Range of Minnesota: School Nursing in a Public Health Model Joellen W. Hawkins

Seattle SANBA: A Japanese American Midwife's Tale. Susan L. Smith

Serendipitous Beginnings: Founding the Connecticut Hospice, 1965-1974. Joy Buck

'I Am Going to Get Myself a Vote': Lavinia Dock's Commitment to the Woman Suffrage Movement. Mary Ann Bradford Burnam

Florence Nightingale and Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon: A Tale of Two Cousins. Lynne M. Dunphy

Margaret G. Arnstein: International Pacesetter in Public Health Nursing Shirley H. Fondiller


Poster Presentations


Before the Tsar Was Gone: Russian Nursing During the Great War. Quincealea Brunk

Up the Long Hills--Louise Van Ee, A Public Health Nurse in Utah. Kathleen M. Kaufman, Dianne Knorr

With a Dauntless Spirit: Alaska Nursing in Dog Team Days Jacqueline Pflaum

Skilled Nursing. Andrea Belanus Brassard

The Role of Nursing in the Evolution of Injectable Devices. Rose M. Schliska

Nursing and Hospice: Caring, Comfort, and Compassion. Rosemary L. Hoffman

Miss Nightingale and the New York Times. Lynne Dunphy, Leslie Kent, Joan Efinger

History of Civil Administration Ordinance on Nursing in U.S. Occupied Okinawa, 1945-1972. Sachiko Nakazato

The Water-Cure Experience of the Wolcott Family. Mary Ann Cordeau

Doing the Right Thing: Ethics in American Nursing. Rhonda Keen-Payne

Commitment to Caring. Diane S. Wrobleski