SEPTEMBER 19 - 21, 2003


Paper Presentations


"A Necessity in the Nursing World": The Chicago Nurses Professional Registry Jean Whelan, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

The Johns Report (1925) on Black Nurses in the U.S. Judith Young, Ontario, Canada

Blurring the Lines Between Private and Public: Public Health Nursing in Progressive Era Los Angeles   Jennifer Koslow, The Newberry Library, Scholl Center for Family and Community History

From the Domestic to the Public Sphere: Visiting Nursing in Winnipeg 1904-1942   Marion McKay, University of Manitoba, Helen Glass Centre for Nursing

"The People are All so Grateful:" The Shaping of Outpost Nursing Practice under the Ontario Red Cross, 1922-1945   Jayne Elliott, Department of History, Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario)

"Executive Ability and a Motherly Instinct": Nursing and New York Hospital's Convalescent Cottages for Children, 1907-1936   Cindy Connolly, Yale University School of Nursing

Herbal Diplomats: The Use of Botanical Therapies by Early 19th Century American Nurses (1830-1860)   Martha Libster University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Family and Community Perspective on Asylum Care: Rethinking Institutional Psychiatric Care in a Western Canadian Context   Geertje Boschma, University of Calgary

Incorporating the Nurse into the Military and the Military into the Nurse 1939-1945 Cynthia Toman, University of Ottawa

"I Wanted to Do Something for the Country": Experiences of Military Nurses in World War II Teresa M. O'Neill, Our Lady of Holy Cross College (New Orleans)

"Endure Hardships and Privation with Courage and Devotion": British Nurses in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 Karen Egenes, Loyola University Chicago, Niehoff School of Nursing

Field Expediency: How Army Nurses in Vietnam Made Do Mary Sarnecky, United States Army Medical Department

The Influence of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the Development of Nursing Education in China   Li Xiang Dong, School of Nursing, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Putting Money where the Mouth is: Frances Reiter and the First Graduate School of Nursing, 1960-1973   Wanda Hiestand, Pace University

A Place for the Better Technical Education of Nurses: The Dublin Metropolitan School for Nurses, 1893-1969   Gerard Fealy, School of Nursing and Midwifery University College, Dublin, Ireland

Nursing Students at Medicine Hat General Hospital, 1893-1920   Florence Melchior, University of Calgary


Panel Presentation:

International Contrasts in Higher Education


The Education of Women Who Became Nurses in Early 19th Century Ireland Therese Meehan, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Dublin, National University of Ireland

Finnish Nursing and Public Health Nursing Support from the Rockefeller Foundation, 1929-1956 Marianne Tallberg, Kuopio University (Helsinki Finland)

Women, Nursing and Baccalaureate Education in the U.S., 1945-2000 Patricia D'Antonio, University of Pennsylvania

Moyra Allen, Nursing and the Move to Higher Education Meryn Stuart, University of Ottawa School of Nursing


Poster Presentations:


The Spirit of Nursing Bonnie Bachman, Living History Heroines

The Persian Gulf War as a Catalyst for Change in the Air Force Nurse Corps' Clinical and Deployment Readiness   Donald G. Smith Jr., Hunter Bellevue School of Nursing

The Historical Study on the Himeyuri "Princess Lilly" Student Nurse Corps Sachiko Nakazato, Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing   Chieko Omine, Okinawa Prefectural College of Nursing

The Development of the American museum of Nursing at Arizona State University College of Nursing   Rojann R. Alpers, Arizona State University College of Nursing

Full Measure of Devotion: The Community Crusade Against Tuberculosis in Eau Claire County, 1903-1939   Mary Ellen Stolder, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire