President's Message November 2023

Greetings AAHN members and friends.

As many of us gather for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States I wish to extend Thanksgiving wishes to all of you around the world who are involved in the AAHN. Your membership and support is invaluable to the organization. Thank you.

With so much strife across the globe I am reminded of the constant presence of nurses at the very front of all conflicts. As always nurses remain steadfast in the commitment to caring even when the risk is great. The horrifying conflicts so many around the globe are currently experiencing is a constant reminder of suffering. Words cannot express the impact nursing continues to have. Nurses always show up.

Gratitude is really at the core of my message this year. Gratitude for what many of us do have but at the same time mindful of what so many don’t have, or had but was taken.

I extend my very best wishes to those of us who gather with family and friends to celebrate the holiday. May it be peaceful. And I offer gratitude to all the nurses and other healthcare workers who are far from home and far from peace. May they be safe.

Happy Thanksgiving.